The Huckleberrys - History in the making!

"I'm Your Huckleberry"

How do you get a name for a band of musicians and friends? Do you sit up late at night, or does it come in a flash of white light... like The Huckleberrys. One of our favorite songs that we have been playing is Larry's song "Elderberry Wine". So as the need arose to have a name on this thing - The huckleberry fit the elderberry! But, it really was the movie that did it... Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday knows exactly what we mean - his best performance ever!

Larry Barkemeyer, the lead singer and songwriter is the inspiration and musical souce-code of the Huckleberry Band. With old friends Jeff Boyle (bass), Tom Ellis (drums) and Colleen Ellis (vocals & guitar) the band was formed to play original & old time music in an acoustic format. Now that our old ears can't take those loud amps anymore, it was time to go a bit softer - not slow down mind you, just softer. Love that mountain music!

Larry and Jeff grew up in & around Cottage Grove, Oregon.. the home of the Huckleberrys. They have played together for years in various bands throughout the state and have friends and family that come to sit in and play the tunes at almost every opportunity.. Tom and Colleen have been in the area for 10 years - 'tho we have all been friends for much longer...

The band plays on and the huckleberrys grow just outside of town.

What's better than a signed poster of Justin Beiber?? Not much - till our best friend - Bill Daly of Hollywood fame and fortune sent us this pic of his own mother lode. A signed dvd of Tombstone by the "Huckleberry" himself: Val Kilmer! Are we jealous - you bet! Do we wanna touch the hand that touched the hand - you betcha!